italian boy

italian boy

Thursday, February 13, 2014

cuban sandwich and shitty beer

Not gonna lie, there are few things I'm craving more right now than eating a Cuban sandwich with shitty beer- on the beach, that it. So I'm about 45 seconds away from booking a ticket to Miami. Till I board I'm gonna make one of these bitches, turn the heat up, and sit in my bedroom streaming the Perez Family.  
To make your own:
Get a nice piece of bread. If you can't find Cuban, a Portuguese roll or a mini baguette will do. Butter or brush the crust with olive oil.  Yellow mustard is a must, then roast pork (if you don't have that on hand, not the end of the world), sliced ham, Swiss cheese, and a couple sandwich slices of dill pickles. panini press that beast or put it in a skillet over medium heat while you crush it with a smaller pot lid. 
Next, a paper cup, shitty beer, and a lemon wedge. 

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