italian boy

italian boy

Friday, May 6, 2011

cavatelli with minced chicken, peppers, mushroom and tomato

This is a great pasta dish (pasta alternatives listed at the bottom) if you're looking for some lean protein and fresh vegetables.  Heat some olive oil and caramelize half an onion some garlic then add some hot pepper flakes.  To that, add two chopped green peppers, 4-5 diced plum tomatoes, a handful of chopped mushrooms and a pack of ground chicken  (I prefer to cut my own chicken breast in cubes then mince through a food processor-that way I know exactly whats in my ground meat).  Season with some salt and stir occasionally till the chicken is fully cooked and the peppers are tender.  Mix with cavatelli or your favorite pasta, add fresh parsley and your done!  If you're being anti-pasta for diet or gluten reasons try over brown rice, quinoa or even over a bed of fresh baby spinach. 

REVIEW: La Molienda - 14th Street Columbia Heights

More outdoor seating on upper 14th Street in Columbia Heights!!!!!.  14th and Perry to be exact. Great Mexican and Salvadorian cuisine, margaritas, and rumor has it that there's karaoke every night upstairs.

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