italian boy

italian boy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5 tips to watching your waistline over Thanksgiving.

1. Be smart, avoid the bad snacks and reach for good ones between meals.  Nuts, fruit, veggies. Those cookies look great but so does your waistline. Save the sweets for one indulgent dessert.
2. Watch your liquid calories, from your sodas to the super sweet cocktails and vino. Be careful what of what you’re drinking cause that'll add up faster than you think.
3. Watch out for the super creamy potatoes, extra fatty gravy, and diabetically sweet sauces.  There's usually a healthier option or just use less.
4. Try and get your heartbeat up for a couple minutes at least once or twice a day. If you can’t hit a workout maybe go on a brisk walk after dinner or have an extended roll in the hay. You’d be surprised what a difference that makes.
5. Remember, there are plenty of healthy options on that Thanksgiving buffet. Fill up on turkey, salad, and vegetables and leave the rest for modest tastes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are hot peppers actually healthy for you?

I get this question all the time. YES. If you eat with me chances are you're eating something spicy- and that's a good thing! according to

Chili, jalapeno, habenero and cayenne peppers all contain a chemical component called capsaicin. This is the compound that causes the burning sensation when coming in contact with mucous membranes. It has also been attributed to:

  • killing cancer cells 
  • reducing inflammation 
  • producing fat oxidation which can aid in weight loss 
  • helping with gastric relief 
  • preventing sinus infections 
  • psoriasis relief

REVIEW: Freshii @ 15&K not good news

I hope there are no fans out there.  This is the message I wrote to

Hi there, 

I was walking down 15th street to get something to eat and noticed your $5 deal sign in the window.  I'd never visited your establishment and thought today might be a nice day to experiment.  Pictured on your $5 menu was a photo of a steak wrap you advertise as your Aztec Burrito.  I ordered it and the very kind woman asked what kind of protein I wanted- I said chicken and she quickly went to work.  When I was rung up I was surprised to see there was a charge for the protein.  $5 would have covered a rice burrito.  Either way, that's fine, $6.49 wouldn't break my bank and I didn't want to make a hassle for your friendly staff.  It was just written no where on the menu in your window or at the register that that was your business model. No worries, I just suggest you make that clearer to not mislead other customers since you strive to "energize people on the go."  Unfortunately though, when I sat down at my desk and bit into my Aztec Burrito I found it filled almost entirely with rice.  Which I guess is fine, a rice burrito- but again, nothing like what I was expecting to see or what was pictured. Now question, do you reuse your rice from the night before or was the brown rice just entirely undercooked and intentionally crunchy?  Frankly, I'd feel better knowing I got last night's rice rather than believing that's the standard on how you prepare your food.  And last, the manifesto on your website claims you use "high-quality, fresh ingredients" and you promote a "health-casual" atmosphere but do you mean that to include mechanically separated and reconstructed chicken? There are air bubbles in the the meat. It's still in my trash can if you need the evidence. I'm just curious to know- I'm not sure, just your reaction and if there's any reason I should return or continue expect a highly superior product from Chipotle or the dozens of other restaurants within a few blocks from your door. 

Thank you. 

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