italian boy

italian boy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

JJs vs Steak 'n Egg

If you at all follow this blog you may or may not have pieced together my not-so-private romantic obsession  with cheese-steak / steak-and-cheese sandwiches.  Hands down the best place to get one in DC is JJs on 14th and U.  Some can argue they taste better at 3am but I've had them at virtually every time of the day and stage of sobriety.  I mentioned JJs here in 2010 but it never gets old. I will be a loyal and dedicated customer for as long as we live in the same city together. ON THE OTHER HAND... if you happen to be uptown in the region of Tenley Town or desperately need some deliciousness in your mouth at 8am PLEASE stop by Steak 'n Egg (pictured below), 4700 Wisconsin Ave NW(between N Chesapeake St & N Davenport St).  They only have one variety of the famed sandwich but its a close second to JJs.   Steak 'n Egg has been there about 1000 years and looks it, it's pleasantly greasy, outdoor patio, the eversoamazing staff look like they've all been ridden hard and hung up wet, and they're 24 hours.  I strongly recommend this place and just about anything on the menu.  Please tip your waitress well.

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