italian boy

italian boy

Monday, August 25, 2008

frittata? scrambled eggs?..... who cares if you don't remember their name when you wake up in the morning.

so i got up at 530 this morning and after a bit of exercise and coffee i realized i had time to cook a little something to eat. i decided to use what was sitting around and make scrambled eggs- tho some people will say this is more of a frittata, as my mother and she's probably say its none of the above... i'm just callin git delicious. i got whatever leftover vegetables i had- a little garlic, half an onion, couple tomatoes, and half a pepper (eggplants, chives, asparagus whatever you want will work)... i satuteed them all in a frying pan with a little butter and olive oil- when they got tender i pured in about a cup of milk then lowered the heat and cracked in 6 eggs. stirring constantly the eggs cook, but with the milk they wont dry out and remain fluffy and soft. a hand full of chopped parsley, and some grated cheddar all served over a crispy slice of toast. mmmmmmmm mmmmm. start to end- 10, 15 minutes? so worth it (just use eggwhites if you wanna sit on the healthier side).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

eat brunch naked

it literally takes 15 minutes or less. in a frying pan just put a little olive oil a couple links of sausage and some sliced onions. adding 1/2 a cup of dry white wine will only make this even more delicious but you dont have to. let that all cook and when the onions have fully caramelized and the sausage has started to brown youre done. remove all that, add a little more oil or butter, crack a couple eggs switch to low heat cover and remove them whenever- depending on how runny you want them. throw in a slice of swiss, or not, serve them with something fresh and atop a whole wheat pita so you wont feel so fat... or go all the way, add cheddar and fry up some bacon... all I'm saying is you can brunch naked in 15 minutes five feet from your bed, for a quarter of the price of a restaurant... just be sure to leave room for mimosas.

Friday, August 15, 2008

dont forget teaism

if youre in dupont, penn quarter or by the white house and are looking for something to eat dont forget teaism ( ). people forget about it all the time but the food comes out fast and its much healthier than most of the other options out there for pseudo fast food. the menu is not enormous but there's something for everyone. my scrambled eggs were 5 bucks (pictured above) and their sweet green tea is slammin. you have to try it. whether its brunch lunch or dinner, teaism always has something that hits the spot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

spicy breaded chicken with yellow rice, fried lemmon, and cubanelle peppers.

a fast delicious dinner that you can have on the table in 30 minutes, 45 max. my mom and dad would make similarfirst thingi put on a pot of water for my yellow rice. i added some olive oil, saffron, parsley, pepper, garlic and salt. once it comes to boil i added the prewashed white rice, shut off the heat and let it sit. at the same time i pulled out two thinly filleted chicken breasts, put them beteween two sheet of wax paper and pounded them a bit with a wine bottle (the wide round shape of a wine bottle id great for pounding meat). Then i coated the chicken breasts with flour, then dipped them in eggs beated with hot pepper flakes, and then dipped them in bread crumbs. in a shallow pan i coated the bottom with oil (you can use butter as well) and cooked the chicken breasts just a few minutes on each side till golden brown. after they were done. i added a bit more oil, dropped in slice of a floured lemon into the pan and a few cubanelle peppers with the seeds removed. on medium to low heat, covered, i cooked the lemon till it started to brown and the peppers stil they started to slightly char. thats it. this is a great medium spicy dish with, fragrant rice and sweet and hot peppers as a side. the fried lemon is also edible and goes great to clean your palate at the end.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

string beans all summer long.

well, growing up this was always a seasonal dish but i guess today you can find anything anytime. this is great, refreshing and fulfilling. all you do is quickly boil however many stringbeans you want- till tender and no longer crisp. drain, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle salt and add minced garlic (preferably not the store bought minced garlic in the jar). mix and serve. you can eat these warm or prepare them in advance and eat them cold out of the fridge. it makes a great side dish or even as your main meal if you want to stuff yourself on something healthy and delicious.

open faced tacos

so i catered tanya and shannon's birthday a while ago and i made a variation of something i learned in michigan a year or two ago at a restaurant called eve. i don't know what she called them but these are my open faces tacos. i got a couple packs of wontons (you find them with in produce). either get the large eggroll size ones and cut them in quarters or they make smaller 2x2 inch ones.
so i quickly fried the wontons in vegetable oil fo my shell- it works better than a chip or tortilla since it wont get soggy and its crispier. these can be fried a day in advance. then all you do is arrange them on a platter and add a tini spoon of guacamole or a sliver of avocado, just a bit of salsa or pico de gaillo, a drop of sour cream and maybe sprincle some chopped cilantro. you can also put a few kernals of corn or a little bit of cook ground meat but leave that to your creativity. just remember less is more. it should be simple pretty and you should find everything you love about a taco in one bite.

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