italian boy

italian boy

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Eastern Chinese, 18th and U

So I ended up here with my roommate just after midnight after some fierce drinking up the road.  Not a good idea.  I usually savor my Chinese food nights for occasions where one needs to treat themselves to being fat and cholesterol-ridden.  Not here.  Everything really is just so God-awefully diabetically sweet.. and fried.  Nothing steamed, no hint of freshness.  And they're not the cleanest people on earth.  That said, if youre starving at that time of night in Adams Morgan get falafel or something like that.  At least you'll spare yourself the sensation of burping up msg and corn syrup the morning after.

Pasta and broccoli rabe with fried garlic and chilies

A unique pasta dish that doesn't get old- and shockingly healthy.  Buy two nice bunches of broccoli rabe, wash them well, cut the ends and split and thick harder stalks.  Put an extra large pot of water over the heat with a bit of salt and when it gets to a hard boil throw in the broccoli rabe and a pound of pasta.  Stir occasionally till it gets back to a boil.  At the same time in a frying pan over low heat- just lightly brown some garlic and chopped fresh chilies in olive oil and a bit of salt (I like habanero peppers for the extra kick).  When the pasta is done (15 minutes or so- aldente by taste) drain the water well, toss every thing in a large bowl and pour the hot garlic and pepper seasoned oil over top.  Mix and serve.  This spicy-bitter-savory combination is a great and refreshing meal for a nice summer day.

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