italian boy

italian boy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

REVIEW: Wings To Go, Washington DC, Rehoboth Beach and probably some place near you

The hottest wings you'll probably ever have in your life.  Well, one variety, that is... and pretty darn tasty too.  They have an aisle's worth of sauces from mild-medium-hot-extra hot-suicide-homicide, along with Cajun, Garlic, Teriyaki  and a bunch others. If wings aren't your thing they have salads wraps and sandwiches too.  It's a fun place, everyone who works at the Rehoboth and DC locations is awesome and at least once in your life you have to try the homicide sauce.  Wings To Go. Check out the website for locations

watermelon kebabs

What a fun, easy and brainless idea!  I saw this at the White House on the 4th of July but this is the perfect dessert or snack any time of year.   There's bound to be lots of scraps that don't make it on the skewer but just toss them in the blender and add a little vodka and serve over ice for a watermelon cooler cocktail! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REVIEW: Tortilla Coast. Logan Circle, DC

Well, I think it says something if we ate at Tortilla Coast on Monday than went to Lauriol Plaza immediately after for swirls.  There wasn't anything wrong with the place, per se, I just think I'm going to wait a little before I'm a regular.  It's sunny, clean, has attentive friendly service.  My tamale was OK, chicken was kinda dry, and the mexican chopped salad was very good.  Drinks here are a little bit of an issue tho- they don't do pitchers and I'm not really in the mood to drop 7 seven bones on a mimosa.  Price wise, they're acting like it's El Centro and that works for dinner but not really a casual lunch.  I'll try it again on a warm spring evening on the patio where I can savor a cool tequila and muddled fruit cocktail.  Tortilla Coast 15th and P, Logan Circle.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

best lettuce wraps EVER

I wrote about these a while ago but remade them for a roof-top picnic.  It's a better photo and basically the same recipe.  Ginger, onion, chili pepper (or habanero, depends how hot you're thinking), salt, black pepper in a little oil.  Saute everything then add some ground pork (feel free to use turkey or frozen broccoli if you want a vegetarian version).  Stir fry it all together with a little soy sauce and fresh lime juice.  Once all the juices evaporate push the mixture to the side and crack two or 3 eggs into the pan, let that cook then stir everything together.  Mix in two cans of drained and rinsed white navy beans, a generous helping of chopped roasted peanuts, cilantro and some more lime juice.  Add more soy sauce to taste and serve with washed lettuce leaves, plum sauce and more cilantro and peanuts for garnish.  Have yet to meet someone who doesn't love this.

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