italian boy

italian boy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

READER CONTRIBUTION: closing your bird

"After 5 years I finally did it."  hahahaha.  Photo from my friend Sunny's kitchen.  She finally managed to "close" her chicken like me.  I can't recall when or why I started threading legs like this but I think it looks neat and you eliminate the need for a ball of string.

READER CONTRIBUTION: killer breakfast sandwich

Now THAT is a a breakfast sandwich.  Scrambled eggs with ham, cheddar and apparently tomatoes. I think I'd have to eat it with a fork though!

I made one like this once but it had sausage and sour cream- total artery clogger.

Thanks for sharing!

mixed seafood with kimchi

This is a variation of something I had in Korea over the summer.  Its a hearty, yummy dish and you can make it as spicy as you like.  In a large pan with a bit of canola oil, quickly sautee about a cup of chopped kimchi,  a tablespoon of crushed or chopped garlic, and a chili pepper or two.  Once that starts to cook and the garlic browns add two diced potatoes, a small can of crushed tomatoes (and that same can's worth of water), and let it gently simmer.  Season with a bit of fish sauce (if you don't have fish sauce you can substitute with soy sauce) and after the potatoes soften and the sauce reduces (15-20 minutes) add a bag of frozen mixed seafood (I usually get the squid/mussel/shrimp mix)- let that cook for about another 5 minutes then serve with some white rice, chopped scallions and chili paste on the side.  Goes great with edamame or pickled green beans for appetizer and a plain spinach salad on the side. Quick and easy way to bring some flavors of the Yellow Sea into your home. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

REVIEW: Gushers

hahahaha i had to post this.

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