italian boy

italian boy

Friday, September 12, 2008

sautéed green beans

quickly sauté a handful of green beans with some olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt until tender. let them cool and add to any salad for a great taste, extra nutrients and a whole other level of texture and presentation.

look at those leggs. mmm... roasting a bird.

so last weekend when that hurricane was blowing through and everyone was all locked inside, we decided it was perfect weather for roasting a bird (this is after an hour and a half of floating around wholefoods) , so steve picks up a chicken and we go back to my place. this is really much easier than it looks, its enough to stuff 4-6 people and leftovers are delicious. get the bird take out the gizzards and neck- if they gross you out throw them away, if not mix them with the potatoes. cut off any excess fat that'll usually be around the ass (the big hole). brine your bird- give it a good rinse and if you can let it soak in water with some salt for a couple minutes- always brine becasue it'll better clean the chicken and also take out some of the "wild" taste if its free range. while thats sitting, cut up some potatos, carrots, celery, onions any root veggies or tougher greens. season them with salt, pepper, oil, and whatever blows your skirt up (i put black olives this last time.. SOOO GOOD). then toss them all in a pan under a roasting rack with a cup or 2 of water, orange juice or white wine. take the chicken out of the water, rub salt oil and whatever spices you want on the outside, give a little sprinkle on the inside and set it breastside up on the rack. i usually quarter a lemon, orange, or lime and use that to stuff the chicken with garlic so the meat is infused with the fresh essence of citrus. THEN here's the trick my mom taught me. around the asshole there's a flap of skin that kind hangs there. if you cut a slit on each side you can slip the end of the leg into each to close the hole so the bird doest dry out (check the photo above- you can see here that one leg is still in the "slit" but the other leg popped out). then throw it in the oven - i usually put it in for 3 hours on 375-400. and ill turn it over at least once to make sure its crispy all around. take it out, let it cool a bit and for me my favorite way to serve it is to pull off all the meat and toss it loosely all mixed together in a bowl with a fistfull of chopped parsley. and to accompany you have a side dish of roasted veggies. white rice would go well too and maybe a salad or fresh fruit to clean your palate when your done.
GREAT for a rainy day. Perfect when you want to sit home vege out and watch movies OR to prep the day before and serve cold pulled chicken which tastes delicious.

Friday, September 5, 2008

DRINK: prosecco with kiwi

again, the title says it all.. we got a little creative and had a kiwi to use up. turned out to not be half bad. a nice dry prosecco with the sweet tart kiwi sliced inside. let it sit a little while so the the kiwi flavor will have time to infuse the sparkling wine.

steve's watermellon and tomato salad with red onions and goat cheese crumbles

well, the title says it all, this is steve's watermellon and tomato salad with red onions and goat cheese crumbles.. olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar. thats it- sweet, savory, healthy, fresh, PERFECT on a hot summer day and the leftovers are great too.

slammin fried zucchini

This might be my favorite side dish ever.  My mom, along with anyone else from her town in Italy would make this every summer when whatever zucchini in the garden were in ripe. This comes well passed the days of fried zucchini flowers or zucchini flower frittate. Unfortunately for you, I forgot to photograph the final product but I'm sure I'll be making this again soon and can update with some sexy yummy pics. So, get a couple zucchini, long and thin is key.  The thicker they are the larger the seeds.  Slice them into thin discs (think potato chips) then drop them into a pot with a finger or two of hot oil.  Stir occasionally and fry them till golden brown, remove with a fork or slotted spoon, let drain, and leave them on a few stacked paper towels to absorb the rest of the oil.  After they've cooled (you'll notice they crispen) transfer them to your serving dish and toss with a generous amount of fresh chopped garlic, fresh parsley, some salt, and balsamic vinegar. Serve a few minutes or few hours later. DELICIOUS... I've never made this and not had everyone go crazy.  There will not be leftovers. 

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