italian boy

italian boy

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tip: asparagus steamer for corn

I bought this asparagus steamer for $9.95 last year. It's PERFECT to steam (or boil) a couple ears of corn... and the best part is you can lift them out of the hot pot in the basket where they can cool till they're read to eat.

summer crabs!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE steamed Chesapeake blue crabs. The Giant right by my sells them already steamed on ice. I grab them a couple times a week. You can throw them on the grill to get them nice an toasty, broil them or even eat them cold. If you get them raw, steam them with water, beer, and old bay. Now that's a Washingtonian's dinner.

polpetone- a stuffed italian meatloaf

On of my FAVORITE meals my mom used to make when i was a kid. Basically its just one large stuffed meatball. Get some ground beef, pork or turkey ( I love mixin g1/2 pork and 1/2 beef) drop it in a bowl with some chopped garlic, breadcrumbs a little salt and pepper and an egg. If its to wet, add more breadcrumbs and you should be able to easily roll it into one big ball without having the meat stick to your hands or the counter top surface. Shape it into one large "log" and make a valley in the middle, then fill it with hardboiled eggs, chopped salami or prosciutto and parsley. You can change it up a bit buy adding cheese or roasted peppers- whatever you think would work well. Close up the meatloaf, put it in an oven safe pan with some olive oil on the bottom turn the oven to 375 or 400 and when the meats crispy and brown take it out and ENJOY!


Few things are as refreshing as a cold gazpacho on a hot summer day. This time I got a blender and threw in a couple tomatoes, raw garlic, celery, peeled cucumbers, cilantro, salt and pepper. it basically took 5 minutes start to finish and was able to prepare it in advance and leave it in the fridge to chill. Super healthy and left overs are even better for lunch the next day.

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